Many Times, I get asked the question if I shine my plants with mayonnaise or banana peels. Well, personally I have never used those food items, but do know of friends who have. They claim that shine is given to plants after applying either product with  a clean cloth, and later shining each leaf. I would not use food items that would attract bugs to my plants. Bugs can sense a food products, especially a sweet one. Hey, they also have a sweet tooth like we do.

My preference product to clean my plants is good old-fashion liquid soap. A good soap, of course. If it's gentle on your hands, it will also do wonders on your plants. It will make them smell good and give the shine that you might be looking for. Using a bit, and diluting it with water I recommend. Soft rags and gently cleaning each leaf one by one. It's a tedious job, but it will leave your plant cleaner than when it came from your local store or local plant nursery.  Happy cleaning!

-The Plant Lady




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