unhealthy plantHaving Issues With Your Indoor Plant?-Part 1


When you have hardy species of Hawaiian plants, with foliage issues, many things can be affecting a plant. Let's first begin with watering. Let's just use the analogy of humans and their daily eating habits. We all tend to follow a schedule and when we lack food...there are consequences to our bodies. I say the same thing with live plants. A proper watering schedule is needed to maintain plants healthy and  thriving. The right amount of water is also needed, in addition to the proper watering schedule. You can't feed the same amount of water to all sizes or species of plants. That's a recipe for disaster like it has happened in the picture included here.


What's The Benefit of Live Plants Per Sq. Footage of Space?

  • Choose one 10- to 12-inch potted plant per 100 square foot of your home for the most effective air purification.

The selection of the right plant for the right space go together. You cannot place a 1' plant next to a 12' window; the window would overpower the space and that is not recommended at all. Measuring the space is always recommended, to make sure the plant would be the right height and fullness for the right space.


Do Plants Enjoy Humidity? - Low Humidity Areas


Cactus plans enjoy living in humidity levels of approximately 30%, while tropical plants enjoy at least 90% humidity. One can assist these desirable conditions for plants by placing humidifiers indoors or simply by keeping their plants moist with a spray bottle. At home, it's simple to do this on a daily basis, and also inside an office environment. One simply has to keep in mind to spray the plants often.

- The Plant Lady



Hot Watering Days

In our Las Vegas summers, dry and hot is very common. This of course, does not mean humidity at all. When handling your indoor plants, spraying them with a water bottle daily would be lovely for them. Your plants would truly love you. With dry indoor temperatures, this brings humidity to the plants and improves their growth/health.

-The Plant Lady


Hot Summer Days

To over water or not? That is the question. Well, all will depend on the location of the plant. I have noticed with areas that are closer to a window, this  causes the plants to dry out faster, especially if the sun faces those areas. Ventilation above a plant, also plants to dry out faster; this is whether is cooler or hotter air. If the plant is smaller, I have also noticed how the plant also dries out faster.

- The Plant Lady


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