Watering Plants- Part II

Spring Time is here and that means checking on your indoor plants, trimming them, "fertilizing," and all the TLC that's needed for your indoor babies. All plants vary with their watering depending on the type of soil they have, size of the containers, type of plant, and location in your home. Why location you might say? Well, if the plant receives a lot of light it will need more water because it's evaporating faster and the opposite will be if the plant is located in a cooler shaded area. 


What's too much or too little water for my plant? - Part I:

I always get asked that question, and my answer varies. Watering a plant it all depends on the specie of a plant, size of the grow pot, indoor temperature and location. All of these variables normally help in determining a watering schedule of a plant, but we also need to learn to "read a plant."

I will be explaining many of the points mentioned here, but you also need to understand that many plants can also be already unhealthy when brought to your local plant store. The quality of the plant will also affect its life span because if the plant had received a ton of fertilizer prior to being brought to your home, it will help the plant look beautiful initially, but it will deteriorate in time after going into shock from the change in its environment.

Look at this poor plant below, for example. This plant took years to arrive to this state. It did not happen overnight. The plant was receiving an inconsistent watering schedule and it finally reached its end. Leaves have curled, the trunk displays lack of water and irregular watering schedules.


damaged plant



Many indoor plants require fertilizing in the growing season, but houseplant owners need to know that not all plants follow the same formula. It is important to do research on any plant that one may want to give some TLC. This is also a perfect time to do trimming on your beloved plants.

-Happy Planting!

-The Plant Lady


Spring is Around the Corner...

I often get asked if a plant can have the fertilizer sticks inserted in the soil. My answer is definitely not! Plants are not human and do not need vitamins as we do. They have their growing season and that is how vitamins are regulated.

- The Plant Lady


Anyone can water a plant, but not anyone knows exactly how much water to add to each individual plant, according to its plant species. For instance, we all assume that houseplants need weekly watering and also need to be by a window. Well, that may be the case for some particular plants, but not all plants will fit into the same box! The water will depend on the plant size, plant specie, and location of the plant. The best way to test out a plant is by checking the top layer of soil, plain and simple. You need to know when it's too dry and just a little bit dry. Saying hello here and there will also put a smile on your plant! - The Plant Lady


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